International capital flows database
from "Sovereigns, Upstream Capital Flows, and Global Imbalances" by Alfaro, Kalemli-Ozcan & Volosovych
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Here you can download the public release of the data and the codes to replicate the results of the paper 
Alfaro, Laura, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Vadym Volosovych (2014). Sovereigns, Upstream Capital Flows and Global Imbalances. Journal of European Economic Association, 2014, vol. 12, iss. 5, 1240-1284.
The corresponding raw data and the Stata codes generating both cross-sectional and panel data can be downloaded by clicking this link [Zip Archive - 7.28 MB].
Please download Online Appendix [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 220.9 KB] to Alfaro, Kalemli-Ozcan and Volosovych (2014) with more details on the data and variable calculations as well as some robustness checks.
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